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Bodies of Joy

Creative and Embodied Therapeutic Services

About Shara

I aim to support well-being and cultivate a sense of shared humanity through the collaborative development of creative and embodied therapeutic services. 

As a young adult I found healing in the body and in the creative process. I am forever inspired by uncovering the treasures of the body-mind connection.  

In a collaborative style I provide trauma informed and somatic therapy to children (as young as 8 years old), adolescents, and young adults. My practice is integrative and evidence informed. 


Using a strengths-based approach I engage young children, adolescents, and front-line professionals in school based settings and other community based settings to support organizational goals through creative and body oriented programming. 

I am dedicated to an anti-oppression, anti-racist, body positive, LGBTQIA+ affirming and equitable lens in all of my work.

Please see below for information about my services. 

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A Body of Joy is one that makes room for the full range of emotions, trusting that feeling is ok and that others, no matter how different, feel too. 

"To make room for joy I will be full of color I will touch the sky again"

Rupi Kaur, Home Body


Individual Therapy 

I have day time openings for virtual and in-person therapy.  

Expressive Arts Therapy for Teens 

I am currently inviting young people between 14-17 to join an expressive arts therapy group 

School Based Programming

I provide in school or after school creative and movement based programming to support social and emotional learning 

Areas of Expertise

Below are my specializations that are relevant to all of my services 

Anxiety Management 

Youth Development 

Expressive Arts Therapy 

I view anxiety as a fixture in human life  largely caused by generational trauma and inept social systems. I use interventions verified by  research in neuroscience to re-wire the brain and connect deeper with oneself.

Young people need to be heard, seen, and respected for who they are at this unique time in their development. I support young people, especially those who identify on the margins, in finding and using their voice. 

My creative medium of choice is dance, and while I love integrating dance into my practice I also invite people to bring in whichever medium they prefer. The creative process invites play and self-realization both of which are essential for healing and well-being. 

Vicarious Trauma 

I subscribe to a broad definition of trauma. I support people who experienced a particular traumatic event or ambiguous and complex trauma to reconnect with control, predictability, and hope. Understanding that trauma occurs both on the interpersonal and systemic level, my liberation focused lens and collaborative style is part of all of my work. 

From my own experience on the front lines of community serving organizations I understand how witnessing others' trauma can impact one's own well-being. I support professionals and organizations in implementing sustainability focused practices.  


Reach Out


If you're curious about any of my services please do not hesitate to inquire further. I'll be happy to hear from you. 

Land Acknowledgement 

I live and work in Philadelphia, Pa which is the unceded land first inhabited and tended by the Lenni-Lenape People 

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