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School Programming

I am available to facilitate programs virtually or in person 



I offer programming that builds upon a school's approach to social and emotional learning. My programming includes creative and mindful movement including dance, yoga, and breath exercises along with emotional literacy and community building.  Please read below to learn more about my background in developing and implementing curriculums in schools with students and teachers 


I always love walking into a school. Schools hold so much possibility and despite the challenges many schools face there are meaningful moments happening everyday. 

I have worked at schools where the school itself was the only consistent safe space for many students, where students did not believe in their ability to achieve, and resources were slim. Yet, I watched students be resilient and find their path forward largely due to trusting relationships with teachers, staff, and robust programming. 

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Curriculumns for Students

Health Class for High School Students 

Mindfulness for Test Taking 

You, Me, and Us 

Best suited for a long term residency, but may be condensed, this is a curriculum to support students in developing self regulation strategies (me), interpersonal skills (you), and social responsibility (us). I integrate movement and breath exercises and reflective activities to provide an engaging and fun experience for students.  

Due to various factors, including low self esteem, many students experience anxiety and panic when taking tests at school. I facilitate a workshop series to help students learn grounding exercises so they can clear their nerves and access their knowledge. 

Using a community building circle model from the restorative practice framework, this class provides students with an opportunity to meet their health education requirement within a meaningful experience. The components of the class include mental health, physical health, and sexual health. I partner with sexual education specialists to facilitate that component. 

Community Care Workshop

Community Care Workshop Series 

Brief and Breezy Mindful Movement sessions 

Provide an opportunity for teachers and staff to connect with their bodies, breath, and each other, as well as learn tangible stress reduction techniques. Through the use of gentle and mindful movement, guided meditation, and facilitated discussion teachers are offered a sense of restoration. Choice is given throughout the workshop to honor each participant's preference and accessibility in regards to movement and sensory processing. 

An ongoing series of the workshop described above. Each workshop builds upon one another and is responsive to the interests and needs of the participants. 

These are short mindful movement and breath exercise sessions that may be offered during or after school. The sessions may be 15 to 20 minutes or up to 45 minutes. Teachers will have an opportunity to move and breath with their colleagues in a way that is convenient and accessible.  

Curriculumns for teachers

Completed Trainings related to Youth Development and Group Facilitation 

Institute for Community Action Training at Gibney Dance Center 

Mindfulness Practices for Young People at Lineage Project 

Various workshops at the Youth Development Institute 

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